In field placement, students don’t just listen to a lecture...


Let’s revolutionize what placements look like for the online learner.

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The Virtual Experiences have to be seen to be believed. After entering a highly detailed, fabricated educational world, Learners build skills through fully-immersive virtual activities, including highly-engaging instructional media, sophisticated asynchronous interactives, Expert-led lecture and presentation sessions.

Our team has found previous success in building the Virtual Field Experience (VFX) and the Virtual Field Practicum (VFP). The VFP has been serving University of Southern California Social Work students for nearly a decade, and the exciting VFX was created for use in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, supporting the need for internships for hundreds of students across the country. By Fall 2020, it has been deployed to a number of University clients for use by their students.

Genius Produced is now positioned to take what has made both of those programs work and build upon it for students of other career certification programs.

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“Longitudinal data were collected on VFP students and their traditional counterparts across 4 semesters. Results show that VFP students performed as well, if not slightly better, on competency measures than traditional students, suggesting that this model is a viable option for educators to consider.” (READ MORE)