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Visual and narrative learning content has the power to enhance engagement for online instruction by triggering an emotional connection to the material. 


According to Psychology Today: “Stories continue to hold power in this digital age because the human brain hasn't evolved as fast as technology and it's only through stories that we can connect to the various digital platforms and media messages out there today.” 

We couldn't agree more. 

Genius Produced uses the pedagogy of engagement and cinematic immersion to bring online learning to life.  


DISCLAIMER: Genius Produced has been producing nothing but the most innovative, immersive, cutting-edge educational content since a time when online education was in its infancy (2007).  Our services are NOT intended for organizations that are satisfied with the status-quo.

If you are looking for static shots of “talking heads” or uninspired “information dumps” masquerading as visual content, you might want to look elsewhere...

But first, ask yourself, “Don’t my students deserve better?” 

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