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covid-19 compliance

Genius in the Time of Coronavirus

The rapid spread of the Coronavirus and the subsequent economic shutdown in March of 2020 impacted nearly all industries, and the film industry was no exception. While entertainment-focused studios were shutting down in the wake of the pandemic, Genius Produced simply could not.

With our education-focus, Genius Produced creates an "essential service" and was, therefore, determined to remain open in order to fulfill our obligation to providing our University partners with groundbreaking educational content, and to create new partnerships for the inevitable increase in demand for online education we anticipated resulting from the societal restrictions.


Take a look below at how we managed to overcome the adversity of the moment in our four-part series, "The Covid Counterculture."

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All productions at Genius Produced are Covid-19 Compliant. Our staff members have successfully completed certification from Health Education Services.

The Covid Counterculture

Part I: Introduction

Genius Produced has made its name by producing content that changes the world. But what happens to that content—and the people who make it—when a pandemic changes the world overnight? Take a look at the first of a four part series we call “The Covid Counterculture”.

Part II: Redesign

Cast and crew safety is paramount on any project. While COVID-19 turned the world upside down, Genius Produced had to make some major adjustments simply to remain in production. See where CDC regulation meets innovation in this second installment of “The Covid Counterculture”.

Part III: Testing

Lights, Camera…. Positive test results? Part three of “The Covid Counterculture” takes a look at how Genius Produced faced Hollywood’s growing Covid-19 testing debacle after a scare nearly shut down production.

Part IV: Production

Staying on the cutting edge of production is what keeps Genius Produced in demand. Our final installment of “The Covid Counterculture” takes a look at how we use technology and top-tier talent to usher in the future of online education.

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