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We transform the traditional classroom lecture into a complete, multimedia, multisensory motion-graphic experience 

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We take static, live presentations and lectures and bring them to life. These "TED Talk"-inspired demonstrations are filmed with the course's instructor or another designated Expert, but they are augmented live with preset graphics, diagrams, text, animations, and powerpoint slides to assist in the dissemination of the material.

Take a look at a few examples of Enhanced Instruction approaches we have available:

In-Studio Lecture

The content of a lecture is supplemented using associated footage, animations, text, and graphics to highlight relevant items to communicate content to students.

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Light Board Lecture

A segment of a lecture that focuses on a single lesson taught using a modified whiteboard that presents on-camera in a dynamic visual. As the Expert writes on the board, additional content and graphics are incorporated to supplement the presentation.

Live Interview

A subject is interviewed by an on-camera host.  The host is often an expert in their own right or the course Subject Matter Expert. This is a more conversational, relaxed presentation, and it is supplemented by b-roll and graphics where applicable.

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