Our base of operations is a giant, multi-purpose motion picture production complex, which houses a studio-sized soundstage, state-of-the-art green screen and motion capture facilities, complete with our in-house development, production and post production teams. 


Our facility enables us to eliminate any time between filming and the delivery of the content – ensuring the educational deliverables are met on-time and always under budget.


Few, if any, other production companies in the entire industry can claim they have access and control over such facilities and resources.


If you're interested in renting our production, post production offices and studio please Contact us for details and floor plan if you are interested in hiring us on your next project or to rent out our facilities. 

700 sq. ft.

Open Office Space

350 sq. ft.

Fully Functioning Kitchen

187 sq. ft.

Office Space

7,625 sq. ft.

Sound Stage

1,446 sq. ft.

Post Production Department

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