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The Genius Produced Team is led by company CEO K. Rocco Shields. An award-winning filmmaker with a demonstrated passion for helming provocative projects, each crafted with the intention of creating conversation and discourse around social issues and other matters of importance.

Amidst a promising, trail-blazing career as a director and producer in the entertainment industry, Shields made the decision to turn her knowledge of storytelling and filmmaking processes toward making unique and engaging content for e-Learning.  Shields founded Genius Pictures under her commitment to promote social change through filmmaking. She became a pioneering contributor to the online learning industry, as she was among the first content providers to focus her efforts on producing quality visual assets for use exclusively in online courses. Shields worked with one of the first OPM’s to develop videos that would convert college lectures into engaging, informative stories. In the subsequent years, she focused on refining her processes, exploring new and exciting presentation styles, and building a team of award-winning educators, producers, writers, editors, visual instructional designers and directors with years of experience producing acclaimed and thought-provoking media in the education and entertainment fields.

Shields is involved with numerous educational programs and online institutions, including StartEd, Tulane University, SMU Cox School of Business, and 2u. Through her work on the feature film she has become heavily involved in the nonprofit world as well, partnering with organizations including The Matthew Shepard Foundation, The Tyler Clementi Foundation, and Boo2Bullying among others.


Team Genius

The diverse roster at Genius Produced includes award-winning producers, writers, editors, and directors with years of experience in the production of acclaimed entertainment and media projects.  In addition, we have highly skilled, published educators on staff with years of experience at institutions of higher learning. 

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