In the era of the Dot-com boom -  many institutions, companies, and platforms transitioned to online distribution. As they did,  there grew a necessity for video content -- but there was a problem: Film was too expensive.

(And Hollywood was geared toward million-dollar blockbusters and commercials, not startups.) 

But in 2006, something incredible happened that revolutionized the independent film industry:

The invention of the digital film camera.

While many filmmakers sought the power and prestige of creating indie films and submitting to festivals for awards and fanfare - industry veteran Kim Rocco Shields saw the potential for something with bigger impact. 

She realized that by fusing this emerging technology with classical conventions of Hollywood filmmaking - she could create a product that could be compared to the polish and seamlessness of your modern TV or fIlm project - at a fraction of the price. 

In 2008, Genius Produced was born.

The Niche

The company quickly found it’s niche in the budding field of online education, and grew with the mission to solve the translation gap between brick and mortar schooling and teaching online.

Shields partnered with prominent Ivy league schools, producing over 10,000+ video projects a year for top tier universities, institutions, and clients - but these weren't anything that you would normally think of as 'educational' -

These productions looked like they could be aired on Netflix, the history channel, or even the big screen:   All unified on the unique methodology geared to the use of cinema to engage and inspire.

Of note was the critically-acclaimed project, Love Is All You Need? Hailed one the most viral short films of all time, the film raised social awareness about prejudice, human rights and bullying, and won multiple accolades and over a dozen festival awards.  Shields received a Certificate of Merit from United States Congress for her use of cinematic arts to change perspectives, specifically for the LGBT community. The project has expanded into a feature film and docuseries, set to be released in late 2020. 

The "Counterculture"

Boasting an entirely ‘in-house’ operation, Genius Produced houses over 50 employees - made up of some of the most talented independent filmmakers, technology, and instructional designers in Los Angeles. it will be delivering more than 10000 video assets a year to its client partners. 

Genius has evolved, it is primed to expand its content creation skills into all areas of the rapidly expanding media landscape including documentary, narrative, episodic television, feature film,  and interactive programming, exploiting its core strength: storytelling to change the world.

"The greatest art in the world is storytelling"

-- Cecil B. DeMille

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