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Universities take online learning to Hollywood

Updated: Aug 29, 2018

Visual instructional design meets broadcast quality standards

Kim Rocco Shields is a producer and director who has collaborated with more than a dozen colleges and universities to produce engaging online instructional videos on topics ranging from history to biology.

There’s a reason why the movie industry is so profitable. There is simply no other experience like total immersion in a story you love.

Movie studios, distributors, producers and filmmakers have spent decades learning to capture the attention, and win the hearts and minds of viewers around the globe through the unique, immersive experience of visual storytelling.

But great filmmakers know another secret. A good movie doesn’t just make money. It leaves a lasting impression on viewers, who perceive their lives and the world around them a little differently from the moment they step out of the theater.

There is no medium more powerful or impressionable than that of a finely crafted cinematic experience.

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